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Spreading the gospel in colonial Virginia : sermons and devotional writings

Print Book, English, 2004
Lexington Books, Lanham, Md., 2004
XVII, 571 Seiten ; 24 cm
9780739107201, 0739107208
Part 1 Religion in Colonial Virginia: A Brief Overview Part 2 Family Religion and Private Piety Chapter 3 John Catlett Letter Chapter 4 A Lover's Epistle Chapter 5 A Father's Advice Chapter 6 William Byrd II: Biblical Notes, 1728-1729 Part 7 Robert Paxton Chapter 8 Of Angels Chapter 9 Of Redeeming the Time Chapter 10 Of Christ's Crucifixion Chapter 11 Of Justice & Equity Chapter 12 Of the Lord's Supper Part 13 James Blair: Pastor Chapter 14 The Peacemakers Chapter 15 The Exemplariness of Our Good Works Chapter 16 Who Are the Least in the Kingdom of Heaven Chapter 17 Of the Love of Enemies Chapter 18 Vain Repetitions and Length in Prayer Chapter 19 General Observations on the Lord's Prayer Chapter 20 The Fifth Petition of the Lord's Prayer Chapter 21 Earthly Treasures Subject to Many Accidents Chapter 22 Importunity in Prayer Chapter 23 The Right Hearers of Christ's Sayings Part 24 James Maury: Colonial Parson Chapter 25 The Reverend James Maury to Mrs. Mary Grymes, 1768 Chapter 26 The Reverend James Maury to James Maury (Jr.), 1762 Chapter 27 Letter Fragment, the Reverend James Maury to Mr. Ambrose Coleman, 1768 Chapter 28 First Sermon on Private Prayer Chapter 29 Second Sermon on Private Prayer Chapter 30 Sermon Number 72 Chapter 31 Sermon Number 88 Chapter 32 Sermon Number 90 Chapter 33 Sermon Number 96 Chapter 34 Sermon Number 130 Chapter 35 Sermon Number 49 Chapter 36 Sermon Number 177 Chapter 37 Sermon Number 12 Chapter 38 The Reverend James Maury to Robert Jackson, 17 July 1762: On Education Part 39 Samuel Davies Chapter 40 Little Children Invited to Jesus Christ, 1758 Chapter 41 A Christmas-Day Sermon, 1758 Chapter 44 The Call to the Moral Life: Occasional Sermons and Other Writings Chapter 45 A Sermon Delivered at Nassau-Hall, January 14, 1761, On the Death of His Late Majesty King George II Chapter 46 The Reverend William Dawson to Dr. Philip Bearcroft, 1744 Part 46 The Church and Slavery Chapter 47 The Baptist Perspective Chapter 48 Samuel Davies: The Duty of Christians to Propagate Their Religion among Heathens, 1757 Chapter 49 Thomas Bacon: Second Sermon on Colossians 4:1, 1750 Chapter 50 John Leland, The Virginia Chronicle, 1790 Part 51 The Call to the Moral Life: Occasional Semons and Other Writings Chapter 52 John Clayton: Scientist And Parson Chapter 53 A Discourse from the Gallows Chapter 54 Thomas Hellier's Confession and Admonition to All Spectators at the Gallows Chapter 55 William Dawson: A Christmas Sermon Chapter 56 Thomas Dawson: A Confirmation Sermon Chapter 57 William Stith Chapter 58 John Moncure: "Fast Day Sermon," 1756 Chapter 59 Miles Selden Chapter 60 Enoch Green: A Presbyterian Mission Sermon, 1762 Chapter 61 Charles Clay: Sermon on Canticles 2:13, 1773