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Masterpieces of modern oratory

Print Book, English, [©1906]
Ginn & Company, Boston, [©1906]
vii, 369 pages 19 cm
Burke, E. Conciliation with the American colonies
Webster, D. The murder of Captain Joseph White
Lincoln, A. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."
Phillips, W. The scholar in a republic
Curtis, G.W. The public duty of educated men
Grady, H.W. The race problem in the South
Watterson, H. The Puritan and the cavalier
Daniel, J.W. Eulogy of Robert E. Lee
Porter, H. Eulogy of Ulysses S. Grant
Reed, T.B. The immortality of good deeds
Beveridge, A.J. Tribute to Marcus A. Hanna
Cockran, W.B. Marshall and the Constitution
Schurz, C. International arbitration
Spalding, J.L. Opportunity
Van Dyke, H. Salt