Front cover image for We have been believers : an African-American systematic theology

We have been believers : an African-American systematic theology

Print Book, English, ©1992
Fortress Press, Minneapolis, ©1992
xii, 178 pages ; 24 cm
9780800626723, 0800626729
1. Revelation and Liberation. The Meaning of Revelation. The Meaning of Liberation. Two Aspects of African-American Religion. Narrative and African-American Theological Discourse. Narrative and Method in African-American Theology
2. The Bible: A Text for Outsiders. The Bible and Slavery. The Bible and Liberation. Dismembering the Text: Remembering the Story. Biblical Foundations for Black Theology
3. The Ungiven God. The Problem of God in African-American Experience. The Idea of God. The Concept of God. God, Freedom, and Impartiality. God, Love, and Partisanship. God, Personhood, and Creativity
4. Jesus Christ: Liberator and Mediator. The "Figura" of Christ in African-American Experience. Jesus and the Disinherited. The Development of Christology in Black Theology. Conclusion
5. On Being Black. The Problem of Humanity in African-American Experience. Racism and the Christian Understanding of Humanity. The Doctrine of Humanity in Black Theology. Three Dimensions of Human Existence
6. The Community of Faith and the Spirit of Freedom. The Problem of Community in African-American Religious Experience. The Church in Black Theology. Toward an African-American Ecclesiology
7. The Last Shall Be First. History and Hope in African-American Experience. Eschatology in Black Theology. History, Hope, and Freedom