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The works of Shakespeare : in eight volumes

William Shakespeare (Author), Theobald, H. Woodfall (Bookseller), Charles Bathurst (Bookseller), John Beecroft (Bookseller), William Strahan (Bookseller), John Hinton (Bookseller), R. Baldwin (Bookseller), R. Horsfield (Bookseller), W. Johnston (Bookseller)
Print Book, English, 1767
Printed for H. Woodfall; C. Bathurst; J. Beecroft ; W. Strahan ; J. and F. Rivington; J. Hinton; Davis and Reymers; R. Baldwin; Hawes, Clarke, and Collins; R. Horsfield, W. Johnston; W. Owen, T. Caslon; T. Longman; E. and C. Dilly; C. Corbett; T. Cadell; E. Johnson; B. White; G. Keith; J. Hardy; T. Lowndes; T. Davies; J. Robson; T. Beckett; F. Newbery; and Robinson and Roberts, London, 1767