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The death and life of great American cities

Jane Jacobs (Author)
Penetrating analysis of the functions and organization of city neighborhoods, the forces of deterioration and regeneration, and the necessary planning innovations
Print Book, English, 1992
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Vintage Books, New York, 1992
458 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
9780679741954, 067974195X
Part 1. The peculiar nature of cities. The uses of sidewalks : safety ; The uses of sidewalks : contact ; The uses of sidewalks : assimilating children ; The uses of neighborhood parks ; The uses of city neighborhoods
Part 2. The conditions for city diversity. The generators of diversity ; The need for primary mixed uses ; The need for small blocks ; The need for aged buildings ; The need for concentration ; Some myths about diversity
Part 3. Forces of decline and regeneration. The self-destruction of diversity ; The curse of border vacuums ; Unslumming and slumming ; Gradual money and cataclysmic money
Part 4. Different tactics. Subsidizing dwellings ; Erosion of cities or attrition of automobiles ; Visual order : its limitations and possibilities ; Salvaging projects ; Governing and planning districts ; The kind of problem a city is
Originally published: New York : Random House, [1961]
Includes index