Front cover image for The compassionate mind : a new approach to life's challenges

The compassionate mind : a new approach to life's challenges

In this work, Paul Gilbert explores how our minds have developed to survive in dangerous and threatening environments by becoming sensitive and quick to react to perceived threats -- Publisher description
Print Book, English, 2009
Constable, London, 2009
xxvii, 513 pages ; 25 cm
9781845297138, 184529713X
Compassion: the start of our journey
The challenges of life
Placing ourselves in the flow of life
Threat and self-protection: the good, the bad and the really difficult
The pleasures and contentments of life: the two types of good feelings and your compassionate mind
Compassion in the context of old and new brains and minds
Mindful preparations on the road to compassion
Compassionate mind training through imagery
Compassionate thinking
From self-criticism to self-compassion
Compassion and emotions: working with anxiety, anger and forgiveness
Compassionate behaviour: the cultivation of courage
Expressing the compassionate mind