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Theology of the Old Testament.

Gustav Friedrich Oehler was an Old Testament scholar and professor at Tübingen in Germany. At this time, he was among the foremost proponents of theological conservatism with regard to the Old Testament, rejecting the rationalism of Schleiermacher and the liberal school arising from his work. For Oehler, the Old Testament is an account of real history and divine revelation, rather than a product of mere human development. This two volume set, published after Oehler's death by his son in 1874, contains the contents of Oehler's three decades of lectures on his area of expertise. This early work of Biblical Theology explains the progressive revelation of divine truths from the first chapters of Genesis through the end of the Old Testament. It contains both a history of God's people, and an examination of the theological convictions of the Old Testament authors as moved by the Spirit
Print Book, English, 1883
Funk & Wagnalls, New York, 1883