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Global dermatology : diagnosis and management according to geography, climate, and culture

Offers a comprehensive review of skin disease variation around the world, considering the problems of hereditary variables, climate fluctuations and therapeutic differences. The work is organized into countries or regions, each entry covering symptoms, aetiology, histopathology, diagnosis and more.
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xvi, 359 pages, 15 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 26 cm
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Comments / Lawrence Charles Parish
Tropical medicine and tropical public health / Barnet L. Cline
Dermatological epidemiology / R.J. Hay, R. Estrada Castanon
Climatology / Luitgard G. Wiest
Culture and socioeconomic background: constructing the relationship between the skin, touch and sexuality / Sander L. Gilman
Cultural construction of illnesses of the skin / Inga-Britt Krause
Globalization of medical and dermatologic education / Alton I. Sutnick, Miriam Friedman, Marjorie P. Wilson
Influence of migration and travel
Comments / Robin A.C. Graham-Brown
United States of America / Y. Alyssa Kim, Robert A. Schwartz
Western Europe / Aldo F. Finzi, Alberto Fioroni
United Kingdom / Robin A.C. Graham-Brown, Rebecca L. Neame
Immigrants in Eastern Europe / Albrecht Scholz
Africa / Adekunle O. George
Travel medicine / Rita Sigg-Martin, Alfred Eichmann, Robert Steffen
Variables in dermatology
Comments / Joseph L. Pace
Diseases affected by heat / S. Bose, J.P. Ortonne
Diseases affected by cold: arctic and subarctic areas / Gunnar Lomholt. (cont) Diseases affected by war: the Korean experience / Sungnack Lee, Sung Ku Ahn
Global veterinary dermatology / Peter J. Ihrke
Anthropologic dermatology
Comments / Sidney N. Klaus
Diseases among Arab people / Mohamed Amer
Diseases among Australian aborigines / Allen C. Green
Diseases among Black people / K. Erik Kostelnik, Cherie M. Ditre
Diseases among Jewish people / Abraham Feinstein
Diseases among native American people / Dennis A. Weigand
Regional dermatology
Comments / Larry E. Millikan
Caribbean region / Anthony J. Badame
Chile / Juan F. Honeyman
Colombia / Rafael Falabella
Mexico / Luciano Dominguez-Soto
Venezuela / Mauricio Goihman-Yahr
Germany / Gunter Stuttgen
Greece / John D. Stratigos, A. Katsambas, D. Rigopoulos
Malta / Joseph L. Pace
Poland / Stefania Jablonska
Malawi / Gunnar Lomholt
Nigeria / Yetunde Mercy Olumide
Rwanda / Eric Van Hecke
South Africa / E. Joy Schulz
Japan / Yoshiki Miyachi
India / Patrick Yesudian
Lebanon / Ramsay S. Kurban, Amal K. Kurban. (cont) United Arab emirates / Ahmed Moh'd Abu Shareeah
Global therapy
Therapeutic considerations / Mohamed Amer
Antimicrobial therapy / J. Carl Craft
Antifungal therapy / G. Cauwenbergh
Antiparasitic therapy / Mohamed Amer