Front cover image for The works of the English poets : with prefaces, biographical and critical

The works of the English poets : with prefaces, biographical and critical

Print Book, English, M DCC LXXIX-M DCC LXXX. [1779-1780]
Printed by H. Hughs, for C. Bathurst, J. Buckland, W. Strahan, J. Rivington and Sons ... [and 32 others], London, M DCC LXXIX-M DCC LXXX. [1779-1780]
Criticism, interpretation, etc
58 volumes : portraits ; 16 cm (8vo)
v. 1-2. The poems of Cowley
v. 3-5. The poems of Milton
v. 6-7. The poems of Butler
v. 8. The poems of Waller
v. 9. The poems of Denham
v. 10. The poems of Rochester, Roscommon, and Yalden
v. 11. Thomas Otway
v. 12. The poems of Halifax, Stepney, and Walsh
v. 13-16. The poems of Dryden
v. 17-19. Dryden's Virgil
v. 20. The poems of Garth and King. v. 21. The poems of J. Philips, Smith, and Pomfret
v. 22. The poems of Hughes
v. 23. The poems of Addison
v. 24. Blackmore's creation
v. 25. The poems of Buckingham and Ansdowne
v. 26. The poems of Rowe and Tickell
v. 27-28. Rowe's Lucan
v. 29. The poems of Congreve and Fenton
v. 30. The poems of Prior
v. 31-34. The poems of Pope
v. 35-38. Pope's Homer
v. 39-40. Swift's poems
v. 41-42. The poems of Gay
v. 43. The poems of Broome and Pitt. v. 44. The poems of Parnell and A. Philips
v. 45. The poems of Savage
v. 46. The poems of Watts
v. 47. The poems of Somervile
v. 48-49. The poems of Mr. James Thomson
v. 50-52. The poems of Young
v. 53. The poems of Dyer and Mallet
v. 54. The poems of Shenstone
v. 55. The poems of Akenside
v. 56. The poems of Lyttelton, West, and Gray
v. 57-58. Index to the English poets
Vols. 9-10, 11-12, 27-28 paged continuously
Printer varies
The first 56 volumes are dated 1779, and the last two, entitled: 'Index to the English poets.', dated 1780
The first eight volumes were printed by H. Hughs, and thenceforth, in various order and number of volumes done, by E. Cox, R. Hett, J.D. Cornish, J. Rivington, J. Nichols, H. Goldney, H. Baldwin, W. and A. Strahan, and G. Bigg
Vols. 57-58 have title: Index to the English poets. Printed in 1780
The 'Prefaces' were published separately as: 'Prefaces, biographical and critical, to the works of the English poets', 1779-81, but sometimes accompany 'The works'
Library set of Prefaces, biographical and critical ... in 4 volumes, marked as volumes 57-60 of The works of the English poets
Library set incomplete, lacking vols. 6, 32, 35, 41, 44 and 53, 57-58 (Index). Vol. 17 and 37 imperfect, lacking t.p. Most volumes bear Library's ex-libris by P.R. Maverick on front, and Notice by Trustees on the back paste-down. Binding: calf, some volumes sprinkled; gold-tooled; trimmed to 14 cm. Autograph in black ink on front free end-paper recto: Saturday 19 Augt. 1797. In a different hand: No. 29; four lines of poetry in v. 8; written and crossed out in v. 45: New York Society Library / John Forbes Librarian / Sam Johnson's Poets; in v. 49: New York Society Library; / 1789. Vols. 12-13, 47 rebound; date stamp on back paste-down: March 31, 1926, April 10, 1929, May 26, [1926?], respectively. Listed in 1789 catalogue, p. 44 (12°)--as Johnson's English poets ... 60 vols.; 1793 catalogue p. 52, No. 2533 as Johnson's Poets, 56 vols. Borrowed by Rev. William Linn, v. 23 and 29 on March 24th, 1792, returned on the 29th; vol. 1, 2 taken on the same day, returned on the 31st; vol. 30, 31 on May 25th, 1792, returned on the 28th; v. 25 taken on the same day and returned on June 5th