Front cover image for The American mind, selections from the literature of the United States

The American mind, selections from the literature of the United States

Harry R. Warfel (Editor), Ralph Henry Gabriel (Editor), Stanley Thomas Williams (Editor)
Print Book, English, [1937]
American Book Co, New York, [1937]
2 volumes 25 cm
VOLUME 1. THE COLONIAL PERIOD, 1607-1761. Colonial beginnings in Virginia and New England. From A description of New England. A call for American colonists. From The generall historie of Virginia. Pocahontas / John Smith
Conditions at Jamestown, 1607-1609
From Of Plimoth Plantation. Showing ye reasons and causes of their remoovall. The compact and settlement / William Bradford
Of the Revells of New Canaan. Of a great monster. How the 9. worthies / Thomas Morton
From The journal. Price fixing. A scarlet letter. Problems of government. Murder of Oldham. A cruel schoolmaster. On liberty / John Winthrop . Seventeenth-century New England Puritanism. From God's promise to his plantation. Counsel to the colonists. From The Keyes of the kingdom of heaven. Of the fruits of congregational discipline / John Cotton
From the wonder-working providence. Founding of Harvard College / Edward Johnson
From The simple cobler of Aggawamm. Against toleration. Man's clear duty / Nathaniel Ward
From The blovdy tenent. Theses proved. Separation of church and state / Roger Williams
From The sincere convert. The everlasting fire. Nine easy ways to hell / Thomas Shepard
The prologue. Meditation. To my dear and loving husband / Anne Bradstreet
From The day of doom. God's judgment day. The easiest room in hell / Michael Wigglesworth
From A discourse about civil government. A defense of theocracy / John Davenport
From An essay for the recording of illustrious providences. A bewitched house. The probation by cold water / Increase Mather
From The wonders of the invisible world. Devils in New England. From Magnalia Christi Americana. The life of Mr. Thomas hooker. From A Christian at his calling. From Bonifacius, or Essays to do good. The duties of schoolmasters. From Manductio ad Ministerium. First philosophy. Rational mystery of Godliness. Ways to do good. On college love affairs. On poetry. On literary style. On music. Original sermons. Meeting popular ingratitude / Cotton Mather
From Diary. An act of friendship. A student's punishment. A dream. Trouble with Indians. A lover swoons. Great Boston fire. Religious problems. Social reform problems. Prayers, fears, and faith. A sense of guilt. Negro slavery. From The selling of Joseph / Samuel Sewall
The New England Primer. The alphabet. The dutiful child's promises. Verses. Good children must. Learn these four lines. Now I lay me down to sleep. The Colonial Frontier. From narrative of the captivity and restauration. The beginning of the captivity. The first remove. The second remove. The third remove. The eighth remove. The eleventh remove. The twelfth remove / Mary Rowlandson
From The history of the dividing line. Settlers' unwise Indian policy. Contented poverty. From A journey to the land of Eden. Primitive dentistry. From A progress to the mines. Visit to Governor Spotswood / William Byrd
Education of Indians / Alexander Spotswood
From A very brief account of the establishment of the colony of Georgia. The designs of the trustees
The flying spider. Sarah Pierrepont. Personal narative. Nature. Notes on natural science. From The Christian pilgrim. From Sinners in the hands of an angry God. From the freedom of the will. God the ruler of all things / Jonathan Edwards
From Journal. Early days. Thoughts at sea / John Woolman
From the history of Massachusetts-Bay. Trade in colonial America / Thomas Hutchinson
From Autobiography. Reasons for writing. A Boston childhood. Bookish inclination. The New-England courant. Deistic principles. Scheme for arriving at moral perfection. Poor Richard's Almanack. Electrical experiments. From Articles of belief and acts of religion. First principles. Advice to a young tradesman. The way to wealth. The sale of the Hessians. Letters / Benjamin Franklin. THE REVOLUTIONARY PERIOD, 1761-1783. Opposition to writs of assistance / James Otis
Resolutions, October 29, 1765 / Samuel Addams
From Letters from a farmer in Pennsylvania. Thoughts on some late transactions. Non-violent resistance. Liberty song / John Dickinson
Speeches in the Virginia Convention of Delegates, March 23, 1775 / Patrick Henry
Virginia Bill of Rights
From Common sense. Thoughts on the present state of American affairs
From the American crisis. The times that try men's souls. From the age of reason. The faith of a deist / Thomas Paine
Revolutionary songs and ballads. Virginia banishing tea. The American hero, by Nathaniel Niles. The yankee's return from camp. The ballad of Nathan Hale. Independence. The battle of the kegs, by Francis Hopkinson. A birthday song, by Jonathan Odell. Lords of the main, by Joseph Stansbury
From Essay on the use and advantages of the fine arts. Future glory of America. From the progress of Dulness. Tom Brainless at college. The quackeries of learning. From M'Fingal. The tarring of M'Fingal
From Letters from an American farmer. What is an American? From Sketches of eighteenth century America. A man of sorrows / Hector St. John de Crevecoeur
Letter to Colonel Nicola: refusing a crown. Address to the officers, March 15, 1783
Orders announcing the cessation of hostilities / George Washington
Tributes to Washington. From The Life of George Washington, by M.L. Weems. Columbia's first and greatest son. Truth and the cherry tree. From Under the old elm, by J.R. Lowell. At the tomb of Washington, by Clinton Scollard. Inscription at Mount Vernon. The Twenty-second of February, by O.W. Holmes. The character of George Washington, by W.L. Cross
From A Defence of the constitutions of government of the United States of America. Who are the people? Protecting the people. Characteristics of democracy. Mixed government best. Letters / John Adams. THE EARLY NATIONAL PERIOD, 1783-1829. A political litany. On the memorable victory of Paul Jones. To the memory of the brave Americans. The vanity of existence. Literary importation. The wild honeysuckle. The Indian burying ground. Ode: "God save the rights of man!" On a honey bee. On the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. The Republican genius of Europe. To a caty-did. To my book. On the religion of nature / Philip Freneau
Columbia. From Greenfield Hill. The flourishing village. The duty of Americans, at the present crisis. From Travels in New-England and New-York. The foresters or pioneers / Timothy Dwight
From A grammatical institute of the English language, part I. From Dissertations on the English langauge. A national language / Noah Webster
From The vision of Columbus. American education and religion. From the Hasty pudding. A savory dish. From Advice to the privileged orders. Introduction. Equality in the United States / Joel Barlow
From The Declaration of Independence. From Notes on the state of Virginia. Religious toleration. Slavery. First inaugural address. Letters to: Francis Hopkinson, Joseph Priestly, John Adams, Dr. Walter Jones / Thomas Jefferson
Letter to Father Thorpe: a national Catholic Church / John Carroll
From Modern chivalry. Captain Farrago. On democracy. The society of philosophers. Visit to the hall of congress. Visit to a university / Hugh Henry Brackenridge
The nature of the constitution and the duty of the Supreme Court / John Marshall
Against universal suffrage / James Kent
From The pioneers. From The last of the Mohicans. From Gleanings in Europe. England. From The American democrat. From Satanstoe / James Fenimore Cooper
From Adventures of the first settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River / Alexander Ross
From Recollections of the last ten years / Timothy Flint
From The backwoods preacher / Peter Cartwright
From Journal. Reasons for coming to America / Thomas Hulme
From An address to the whites / Elias Boudinot
Sequoyah / Albert Gallatin
From Report on manufactures. Value of manufacturing. Iron. Fossil Coal. Printed books / Alexander Hamilton
The vision of an overland trade across the continent / Meriwether Lewis
Reflections on moralists and moral writing. From Wieland. Discovery of the murdered family / Charles Brockden Brown
From A history of New York (Chapters 1, 3, and 4). From The sketch book. The author's account of himself. Rip Van Winkle. Westminster abbey. From The Alhambra. Palace of the Alhambra. From A tour on the prairies. Frontier scenes. Trail of he osage hunters. Osage village. The honey camp. A bee-hunt / Washington Irving
From Prometheus. To Seneca Lake. To Coral Grove. New-England / James Gates Percival
Thanatopsis. The yellow violet. Inscription for the entrance to a wood. To a waterfowl. I cannot forget with what frvid devotion. O fairest of the rural maids. Monument mountain. A forest hymn. The death of the flowers. The past. Hymn o the city. To the fringed gentian. The prairies. The battle-field. The antiquity of freedom. O, mother of a mighty race. The poet. The right of workmen to strike / William Cullen Bryant. A MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY CIVILIZATION, 1829-1865. Children in Philadelphia factories. The factory system. Labor's view of immigration. Obtaining female operatives. The first ten-hour law. A factory idyl, by David Crockett
From Constitution of the New-Harmony Community of Equality, preamble
The constitution of the Brook Farm Association
From Hints toward reform, by Horace Greeley. Communistic philosophies
From The Harmony of interests. The fallacies of classical economics / Henry Charles Carey
The perishing classes in Boston. The problem. Vagrant boys and girls. The adult poor. The intemperate poor. Solutions / Theodore Parker
From Sociology for the south. A southern defense of slavery and a criticism of industrialism / George Fitzhugh
From Two years before the mast. A flogging / Richard Henry Dana, Jr
From Memoial to the Legislature of Massachusetts. Neglect of the insane / Dorothea Dix
On district school libraries. Pecuniary value of education. The aims of education / Horace Mann
From Thoughts and things at home and abroad. Inhumanity of war. The pioneers of peace. The patriotism of passive resistance / Elihu Burritt
From Nattative of the expedition ... to Japan. Reception, July 14, 1853. Presentation of credentias. Exchange of gifts, March 24, 1854. American hospitality / Matthew Calbraith Perry
From Col. Crockett's exploits and adventures in Texas. Frontier politics. A great swamp fight / David Crockett
From Indian depredations in Texas. The frontiersman's attitude toward the Indian. A Comanche princess. Massacre of the Kennon and Paschal families / John Wesley Wilbarger
From The report of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains / Sutter of California. Indian attacks / John Charles Fremont
From The Diary. A mill site. The first gold. The gold rush / Johann Augustus Sutter
From Speech on the Oregon question. The Oregon country. The Columbia River. Superiority of the white race / Thomas Hart Benton
From Discovery of the Yosemite / Lafayette Houghton Bunnell
From Discourses of Brigham Young. The settlement in the West. Political government / Brigham Young
Missionary activity in the Mississippi Valley
An Indian plea for Christian knowledge
Unitarian Christianity. The moral argument against Calvinism / William Ellery Channing
From Orphic sayings. Emerson. Thoreau. Wendell Phillips. Garrison / Amos Bronson Alcott
Good-bye. Thought. The rhodora. The apology. Concord hymn. Uriel. Each and all. The humble-bee. The problem. The sphinx. The snow-storm. Grace. Politics. Fable. Ode inscribed to W.H. Channing. Guy. Alphonso of Castile. Days. The Bohemian hymn. Brahma. Two rivers. Waldeinsamkeit. Terminus. Nature. The American scholar. Brook Farm / Ralph Waldo Emerson
The inward morning. Nature. Independence. Mission. From A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. From Walden / Henry David Thoreau
Sights from a steeple. The gray champion. Wakefield. The maypole of Merry Mount. The birthmark. Ethan Brand / Nathaniel Hawthorne
From Moby Dick. From Mardi and a voyage thither / Herman Melville. A dream within a dream. Romance. Sonnet to science. To Helen. Israfel. The city in the sea. The sleeper. Lenore. To one in paradise. The raven. Ulalume. The bells. To my mother. Annabel Lee. Eldorado. Ligceia. The fall of the House of Usher. The masque of the Red Death. The purloined letter. The poetic principle / Edgar Allan Poe
A psalm of life. Hymn to the night. The wreck of the Hesperus. The village blacksmith. Excelsior. The rainy day. The arsenal at Springfield. Nuremberg. The day is done. The bridge. The arrow and the song. From The building of the ship. My lost youth. The children's hour. Paul Revere's ride. Christmas bells. Divina commedia. A shadow. Nature. The cross of snow / Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Old Ironsides. The last leaf. My aunt. Non-resistance. The chambered nautilus. The deacon's masterpiece. The boys. A hymn of tust. Never or now. From the Autocrat of the breakfast-table. From Elsie Venner, The Brahmin caste of New England / Oliver Wendell Holmes
I would not have this perfect love of ours. For this true nobleness. An incident in a railroad car. Sonnet, Wendell Phillips. Rhoecus. Stanzas on freedom. The present crisis: 1844. Hebe. Bibliolatres. After the burial. From the Biglow papers. From A fable for critics. Thoreau / James Russell Lowell
To William Lloyd Garrison. Massachusetts to Virginia. Proem. Dedication to songs of labor. The shoemakers. Ichabod. First day thoughts. Maud Muller. The barefoot boy. Skipper Ireson's ride. Telling the bees. The Kansas emigrants. Barbara Frietchie. Laus Deo! The eternal goodness. Snow bound / John Greenleaf Whittier
Proclamation to the people of South Carolina / Andrew Jackson
Speech on the slavery question, March 4, 1850 / John C. Calhoun
Speech on the constitution and the union, March 7, 1850 / Daniel Webster
Nelly was a lady. Old folks at home. My old Kentucky home. Old black Joe / Stephen Collins Foster
From Southward Ho!, Southern economy / William Gilmore Simms
From Uncle Tom's cabin. The slave warehouse / Harriet Beecher Stowe
Final speech / John Brown
Inaugural address / Jefferson Davis
Autobiography. From Speech at Cooper Union, February 27, 1860. Farewell speech to his friends in Springfield. Letter to Horace Greeley, August 22, 1862. Gettysburg Address. Second inaugural address / Abraham Lincoln
Tributes to Lincoln: From ode recited at the Harvard commemoration. The master, by E.A. Robinson. Abraham Lincoln walks at midnight, by Vachel Lindsay. A farmer remembers Lincoln, by Witter Bynner. Lincoln at thirty-seven, by Carl Sandburg. Lincoln, the ideal democratic man, by Herbert Croly
Letters to General Winfield Scott, Resignation from the United States Army. To Mrs. Lee, Death of their daughter and Cruelty of war. To his soldiers, a leader's gratitude / Robert E. Lee
Tributes to Lee: Robert E. Lee, by Julia Ward Howe. Lee on the third day at Chancellorsville, by Charles Marshall. The pattern of a life, by D.S. Freeman
Songs and ballads of the war. Dixie, by Albert Pike. Glory hallelujah, or John Brown's body, by Charles Sprague Hall. Battle hymn of the republic / Julia Ward Howe. Maryland, my Maryland, by James Ryder Randall. Three hundred thousand more, by John Sloan Gibbons
Tenting on the old camp ground, by Walter Kittredge
Ethnogenesis. Charleston. The cotton boll. Ode sung at the occasion of decorating the graves of the Confederate dead
From A constitutional view of the late war between the states. States' rights. Slavery did not cause secession / Alexander Stephens. VOLUME 2. TRANSITION TO THE MACHINE AGE, 1865-1919. From Leaves of grass. One's self I sing. As I ponder'd in silence. To the states. Poets to come. For you O democracy. To a pupil. Song of myself. Out of the cradle endlessly rocking. A noiseless patient spider. Pioneers! O pioneers. Cavalry crossing a ford. Come up from the fields father. As toilsome I wander'd Virginia's woods. O captain! My captain! When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd. On the beach at night. Song of the redwood tree. Spirit that form'd this scene. Nationality and literature. American character / Walt Whitman
Folk songs and ballads. The cowboy's dream. Whoopee ti yi yo, git along little dogies. Oh bury me not on the lone prairie. A plantation serenade. All God's chillun got wings. Satan's a liah. De blues ain' nothin'. Water boy. John Henry. Casey Jones. Jesse James. The jam on Gerry's rock. When the curtains of night are pinned back
The outcasts of Poker Flat / Bret Harte
Kit Carson's ride. From The last Taschastas. Exodus for Oregon. The Missouri. Columbus / Joaquin Miller
From Steep trails. Nevada's dead towns / John Muir
The shade of the arrows / Mary Austin
The symphony. The stirrup cup. The marshes of Glynn. A ballad of the trees and the master / Sidney Lanier
From Uncle Remus, his songs and sayings. The wonderful tar baby. How Mr. Rabbit was too sharp for Mr. Fox / Joel Chandler Harris
The new south / Henry Woodfin Grady
We wear the mask. Sympathy. The turning of the babies in the bed / Paul Laurence Dunbar
The mood of the mid-nineteenth century farm / John Burroughs
From The empire of business. Business men and speculators. Merchants and professional men. Rewards of a business career / Andrew Carnegie
Slaughterhouse opinion / Stephen J. Field
From the absurd efforts to make the world over / William Graham Sumner
Dynamic sociology and laissez faire / Lester F. Ward
The cross of gold / William Jennings Bryan
Platform of the American Anti-imperialist League / Carl Schurz
From The Education of Henry Adams. The individual as primitive energy
From A charter of democracy / Theodore Roosevelt
From the shame of the cities. The faith of the muckrakers / Lincoln Steffens
Do we want more democracy / William Howard Taft
The role of the Supreme Court in a changing civilization / Elihu Root
What is liberty? For a league of nations / Woodrow Wilson
Americanism / William E. Borah
People retain right to control government. A judicial oligarchy. General amnesty is demanded / Robert LaFollette. From Progress and poverty. The persistence of poverty. The single tax / Henry George
From Looking backward. The regimentation of labor / Edward Bellamy
Henry Demarest Lloyd / Jane Addams
From Race questions, provincialism and other American problems. Regionalism and democracy / Josiah Royce
Anglo-saxon supremacy. America's opportunity / Josiah Strong
From The war of the classes. Stolen thunder / Jack London
The theory of anarchy / Emma Goldman
A political credo / Eugene Debbs
The ruling class. The union of two great fortunes / Finley Peter Dunne
From The Jungle. The speed up system / Upton Sinclair
Under the lion's paw / Hamlin Garland
The man with the hoe / Edwin Markham
From a ten years' war. The battle with the slums / Jacob August Riis
An unfinished story / O. Henry
How I found America / Anzia Yezierska
The discovery of America. The rise of idealism in American science / Michael Pupin
From the melting pot mistake. A metaphor gone wrong / Henry Pratt Fairchild
The eternal home / Dwight Moody
Through science and humanism to theism / Noah Porter
The Catholic church. Relations of religious and civil society / John Spalding
The religion of humanity / Robert Ingersoll
From A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom. Reconstructive force of scientific criticism / Andre Dickson White
From The will to believe. A man's religious faith / William James
From Acres of diamonds / Russell H. Conwell
From In his steps. What is the Christian way? / Charles Munro Sheldon
From Christianizing the social order. The mood of the social gospel. For children who work. For workingmen. For the cooperative commonwealth / Walter Rauschenbusch
The social creed of the Methodist church. Woman's rights. The negro question / Artemus Ward (Charles Farrar Browne)
From Roughting it. From the gilded age. Wall Street and congressional appropriations. From Old times on the Mississippi. Boyish ambition. The sub pilot's first lessons
From The mysterious stranger. Mankind's low nature / Mark Twain
From Criticism and fiction A defense of realism. Breaking new ground. Tests of fiction. From the Lady of Aroostook. Preparing for the journey. Boston / William Dean Howells
Four meetings / Henry James
From Pike county ballads. Little breeches. Jim Bludso / John Hay
The old swimmin'-hole. When the frost is on the punkin. Little Orphant Annie / James Whitcomb Riley
A valentine. The snake. Success. The soul selects. Afraid? He put the belt around my life. He preached upon 'Breadth.' I never saw a moor / Emily Dickinson
From the Black riders. Black riders came from the sea. In the desert. In heaven. I saw a man pursuing the horizon. A man saw a ball of gold in the sky. A man toiled on a burning road. From War is kind. Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind A newspaper is a collection of half-injustices. The wayfarer. From The red badge of courage. Death of Jim Conklin / Stephen Crane
An occurrence at Owl Creek bridge / Ambrose Bierce
Gloucester Moors. An ode in time of hesitation / William Vaughn Moody
Unmanifest destiny. Comrades. The wander lovers. Spring / Richard Hovey
The Dulham ladies / Sarah Orne Jewett
From The portion of labor. The shutdown / Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Xingu / Edith Wharton. CONTEMPORARY THOUGHT. From I'll take my stand. An agrarian economic policy / Liberty Hyde Bailey
From My life and work. What we may expect / Henry Ford
From The theory of the leisure class. Conspicuous leisure. From The engineers and the price system. The captains of finance and the engineers / Thorstein Veblen
The trade union movement / John Mitchell
Labor and democracy / John L. Lewis
Freedom of speech / Oliver Wendell Holmes
From The challenge to liberty. We may sum up / Herbert Clark Hoover
A revised concept of democracy. The challenge of democracy to communism and fascism / Franklin Delano Roosevelt
From People at work. Government and cooperation / Frances Perkins
From Democracy and education. The inner and the outer. The opposition of duty and interest / John Dewey
From A charter for the social sciences. The climate of American ideas / Charles A. Beard
Go down, death. From the Book of American negro poetry. The negro's contribution to American art / James Weldon Johnson
Brief history of my opinions / George Santayana
From Humanist sermons. Modern humanism / Curtis Williford Reese
From The Modern temper. The disillusion with the laboratory / Joseph Wood Krutch
From An appreciation of Christian ethics. A criticism of Protestant modernism / Reinhold Niebuhr
From Sketches in criticism. The critical movement in America / Van Wyck Brooks
Tradition and the individual talent / T.S. Eliot
An apology for crudity / Sherwood Anderson
An old story. Sonnet. Cliff Klingenhagen. Richard Cory. Octaves I, IV, VI, X, XIV, XX. Two quotations. Credo. How Annandale went out
Mr. Flood's party
Karma / Edwin Arlington Robinson
The pasture. The tuft of flowers. Mending wall. Birches. Home burial. The road not taken. Stopping by woods on a snowy evening. The cow in apple time. The runaway. Not to keep. A lone striker / Robert Frost
A gospel of beauty. General William Booth enters into heaven. Incense. To reformers in despair. Shakespeare. Michelangelo. Lincoln. The leaden-eyed. Factory windows are always broken. The unpardonable sin. A net to snare the moonlight. The moon's the north wind's cooky. The scientific aspiration. Another word on the scientific aspiration. The modest jazz-bird / Vachel Lindsay. Benjamin Pantier. Mrs. Benjamin Pantier. Reuben Pantier. Emily Sparks. Trainor, the druggist. Seth Compton. Anne Rutledge. Archibald Higbie / Edgar Lee Masters
Chicago. Nocturne in a deserted brickyard. Fog. Happiness. Mag. Anna Imroth. Iron. Buttons. Under a telephone pole. I am the people, the mob. Cahoots. Prayers of steel. From Prairie. Cool tombs / Edgar Lee Masters
Patterns / Amy Lowell
The wayfarer. Spring night. I shall not care. The inn of earth. Barter. Night song at Amalfi. Day's ending / Sara Teasdale
Renascence. God's world. Lament. And you as well must die / Edna St. Vincent Millay
The eagle and the mole. Madman's song. Velvet shoes. From Wild peaches. Let no charitable hope. Hymn to Earth / Elinor Wylie
From John Brown's body. Prelude, the slaver. Litany for dictatorships / Steven Vincent Benet
Ballad for gloom. Revolt. A pact. In a station at the metro. Portrait d'une femme. Commission / Ezra Pound
The hippopotamus. The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. The hollow men. From the Rock / T.S. Eliot
To the stonecutters. Apology for bad dreams. Hurt hawks. Age in prospect. Credo. Pelicans. Shine, perishing republic / Robinson Jeffers
All lovely things. Discordants. Morning song of Senlin. Prelukes for Memnon, I / Conrad Aiken
Lines for an interment. Speech to Those who say comrade. Speech to the detractors / Archibald MacLeish
A boy of twenty. Emerson: last days at Concord. Chorus for Survival I / Horace Gregory. The lost phoebe / Theodore Dreiser
From Yellow Gentians and blue. The charivari / Zona Gale
From Giants in the earth. Home-founding. Facing the great desolation. On the border of utter darkness. The power of evil in high places. The great plain drinks the blood of Chistian men and is satisfied / Ole Rolvaag
I am a fool / Sherwood Anderson
The golden honeymoon / Ringgold Wilmer Lardnes
From Babbitt. The Babitts of Zenith. The Babbit family at breakfast / Sinclair Lewis
From The big money. Charley Anderson. Newsreel XLV. The American plan. Newsreel XLVI. The camera eye. Newsreel XLVII. The camera eye / John Dos Passos
The evening sun / William Faulkner
Snake / William Saroyan
Death the proud brother / Thomas Wolfe
The Emperor Jones / Eugene O'Neill
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