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The prose works of John Milton

Print Book, English, 1881-1884
Bell, London, 1881-1884
English prose literature
5 volumes : fronts (v.1-3, portraits) ; 19 cm
v. 1. Defence of the people of England. Second defence of the people of England. Tr. by R. Fellowes. Eikonoklastes. [With preface by R. Baron] [1889]
v. 2. The tenure of kings and magistrates. Areopagitica. Tracts on the commonwealth. Observations on Ormond's peace. Letters of state, etc. Brief notes on Dr. Griffith's sermon. Of reformation in England. Of prelatical episcopacy. The reason of church government urged against prelaty. True religion, heresy, schism, toleration. Civil power in ecclesiastical causes
v. 3. The likeliest means to remove hirelings out of the church. Animadversions upon the remonstrants' defence against Smectymnus. Apology for Smectymnuus. The doctrine and discipline of divorce. The judgment of M. Bucer concerning divorce. Tetrachordon. Colasterion. Tractate of education. Declaration for the election of John III., King of Poland. Familiar letters
v. 4. Treatise on Christian doctrine, compiled from the Scriptures alone; tr. by Chas. R. Sumner
v. 5. Same 2d. book. The history of Britain. The history of Moscovia. Accedence commenced grammar. Index