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Process and form in geomorphology

With the possible exception of molecular biology, no subject has been so transformed during the past forty years as that of the study of the landforms of the Earth. Central to that endeavour throughout that revolution has been Richard J. Chorley, whose achievement this volume honours. This book is not only about geomorphology: it is about how scientific change is effected and about how crucial people at critical times change the way we see the world. The book is in two parts: The first presents state-of-the-art reports on fluvial, tectonic and climatic geomorphology by leading experts in their fields, all Chorley's colleagues and students. The second brings revisionary views to many aspects of the history of the discipline, on which Chorley is the world authority. Together they present not only new views on the landforms of the world but also incisive insights into how we have made sense of the environment around us from the early eighteenth century to the present day
Print Book, English, 1997
Routledge, London, 1997