Front cover image for The British theatre; or, A collection of plays : which are acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket ...

The British theatre; or, A collection of plays : which are acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket ...

Inchbald (Editor)
Print Book, English, 1808
Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, London, 1808
Printed books England London 19th century Specimens
25 volumes : plates ; 16 cm
v. 1 Shakespeare, W.: Comedy of errors
Romeo and Juliet
Hamlet.-King John
Richard III. v. 2 Shakespeare, W.: Henry IV, pt. 1-2
Merchant of Venice
Henry V
Much ado about nothing. v. 3 Shakespeare, W.: As you like it
Merry wives of Windsor
Henry VIII
Measure for measure
Winter's tale. v. 4 Shakespeare, W.: King Lear
Julius Caeser
Anthony and Cleopatra. v. 5 Shakespeare, W.: Coriolanus
Twelfth night
Jonson, B.: Every man in his humor. v. 6 Fletcher, J.: Rule a wife and have a wife
The changes
Massinger, P.: New way to pay old depts
Lee, N.: Alexander the Great
Dryden, J.: All for love
v. 7 Southerne, T.: Isebella
Racine, J.B.: Distressed mother
Voltaire, F.M.A. de.: Zara
Brooke, H.: Gustavus Vasa. v. 8 Farquhar, G.: The constant couple
The inconstant
The recruiting officer
The beaux stratagem
Addison, J.: Cato. v. 9 Vanbrugh, Sir J.: Provoked wife
Provoked husband
-Cibber, C.: Love makes a man
She wou'd and she wou'd not
Careless husband. v. 10 Rowe, N.: Tamerlane
Fair penitent
Jane Shore
Lady Jane Grey
Hughes, J.: Siege of Damascus. v. 11 Centlivre, Susanna, Mrs.: The busy body
The wonder!
Bold stroke for a wife
Lillo, G.: George Barnwell
Fatal curiosity. v. 12 Otway, T.: The orphan
Venice preserved
Steele, R., Sir: The conscious lovers
Young, E.: The revenge
Gay, J.: Beggar's opera. v. 13 Congreve, W.: Love for love
Mourning bride
Voltaire, F.M.A. de.: Mahomet
Thomson, J. Tancred and Sigismunda
Hoadly, B
Suspicious husband. v. 14 Macklin, C.: Man of the world
Moore, E.: The foundling
The gamester
Whitehead, W.: The Roman father
Shirley, W.: Edward the Black Prince. v. 15 Brown, J.: Barbarossa
Murphy, E.: Way to keep him
All in the wrong
Grecian daughter
Know your own mind. v. 16 Wycherley, W.: The country girl
Coleman, G.: Jealous wife
Clandestine marriage
Hartson, H.: Countess of Salisbury
Home, J.: Douglas. v. 17 Goldsmith, O.: Goodnatured man
She stoops to conquer
Bickerstaffe, I.: Love in a village
Maid of the mill
Lionel and Clarissa. v. 18 Cumberland, R.: The brothers
West Indian
The Jew
First love
The wheel of fortune. v. 19 Francklin, T.: Earl of Warwick
Sheridan, R.B.B.: The rivals
The duenna
Cowley, Hannah, Mrs.: Belle's stratagem
Bold stroke for a husband. v. 20 Reynolds, F.: The dramatist
Jephson, R.: Count of Narbonne
Coleman, G.: Inkle and Yarico
Battle of Hexham
Surrender of Calais. v. 21 Coleman, G.: The mountaineers
The iron chest
The heir at law
John Bull
Poor gentleman. v. 22 O'Keeffe, J.: Castle of Andalusia
Wild oats
Burgoyne, J.: The heiress
Jones, H.: Earl of Essex. v. 23 Inchbald, Elizabeth, Mrs.: Such things are
Every one has his fault
Wives as they were
Kotzebue, A.F.F. von.: Lover's vows
Inchbald, Elizabeth, Mrs.: To marry, or not to marry. v. 24 Holcroft, T.: Road to ruin
Deserted daughter
Kotzebue, A.F.F. von.: The stranger
Baillie, Joanna.: De Monfort
Kemble, C.: Point of honour. v. 25 Morton, T.: Way to get married
Cure for the heart ache
Speed the plough
School of reform
Tobin, J.: Honey moon
A collection of 125 plays, each with special t.p. and separate paging; the engraved frontispieces of most of the plays are variously dated from 1800 to 1817