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Tradition & diversity : Christianity in a world context to 1500

This text addresses medieval Christendom in the context of world history. It combines traditional material (from church documents) with the newer material of cultural studies, diversity within European Christianity, and diversity without, in a world context.
Print Book, English, ©1997
M.E. Sharpe, Armonk, N.Y., ©1997
xiv, 569 pages ; 23 cm.
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Jew and Gentile : early origins of Christianity
Christian and Roman : conflict and assimilation
Heterodoxy and orthodoxy : defining heresy
Life and death : the body and resurrection
The heritage of the Middle Ages
The power of Christian saints : monks, relics, and icons
Adaptations of Christianity outside the Roman world
Christian acculturation in Western Europe
Christian kingship and society
Christian education and theology
Christian practice and literature
Christian diversity and accommodation
Corporate and individual reform
Christians, Muslims, and Jews : views of the Crusades
Ways of knowing : faith and reason
Individual diversity : Bernard of Clairvaux and Hildegard of Bingen
Orthodox reform : popes, mendicants, and scholars
Over the line : heretics, Inquisitors, and other radicals
Popular religion : story and poetry
Cross-cultural exchange : missions and dialogue
Dissent and reform in late medieval Christendom
Diversity in Christianity : late medieval spirituality
Religious expression : ritual, drama, and story
Cross-cultural contact