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Selected writings and speeches

"Gateway editions."Originally published: Chicago : Regnery Gateway, 1963. Includes bibliographical references (p. [699]-702)
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Early works
xii, 702 pages ; 21 cm
9780895264077, 0895264072
Early writings. A vindication of natural society (1756)
An abridgement of English history (1757)
Selections from book reviews in the Annual register (1759-62)
America and the British empire. A short account of a late short administration (1766)
Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents (1770)
Speech on conciliation (1775)
Letter to the sheriffs of Bristol (1777)
Ireland and Catholic emigration. Tract on the Popery laws (1765)
A letter to a peer of Ireland (1782)
A letter to Sir Hercules Langrishe (1792)
A letter to Richard Burke (1793)
A letter to William Smith (1795)
Second letter to Sir Hercules Langrishe (1795)
Economical reform. Speech on economical reforms (1780)
Miscellaneous constitutional affairs. Speech on the Middlesex election (1771)
The Church of England and religious toleration. Speech on the Acts of uniformity (1772)
Speech on the relief of Protestant dissenters (1773)
Speech on the petition of the Unitarian society (1792)
The House of Commons and the elective franchise. A letter on Parliamentary reform (1780)
Speech on the duration of Parliaments (1780)
Speech on the representation of the Commons in Parliament ( 1782)
India and the impeachment of Hastings. Report of the select committee on India (1783)
Speech on Fox's East India bill (1783)
Speeches in opening the impeachment of Warren Hastings (1788)
Speech on the sixth article of charge. Fourth day (1789)
Speech in general reply (1794)
The French Revolution. A leeter to M. Depont (1789)
Reflections on the revolution in France (1790)
A letter to a member of the National Assembly (1791)
An appeal from the new to the old Whigs ( 1791)
A letter to William Elliot, Esq. (1795)
Defense of his life. A letter to a noble lord (1795)
"Gateway editions."
Originally published: Chicago : Regnery Gateway, 1963