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Information architecture for the World Wide Web

"Unlike many Web design books, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web does not focus on graphic or technical design issues. Instead, it provides effective approaches for designers, information architects, and web site managers who are faced with sites that are becoming difficult to use and maintain. With this book, you learn how to design web sites and intranets that support growth, management, navigation, and ease of use. The book introduces you to the emerging field of information architecture, and will help you to: organize your site's hierarchy in ways that are meaningful to your site's users and that minimize the need to reengineer the site; create navigation systems so that users can move through the site without getting lost and frustrated; label your site's content in the language of its users; configure searching systems so that users' queries actually retrieve meaningful results; and manage the process of developing an information architecture, from research and conceptual design to planning and production." "Information Architecture for the World Wide Web is for webmasters, designers, and anyone else involved in building or maintaining a web site."--Jacket
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