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The encyclopedia Americana

A thirty-volume encyclopedia covering important world events while providing major new treatments of selected topics in various academic fields
Print Book, English, ©1999
Grolier Inc., Danbury, Conn, ©1999
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30 volumes : illustrations, maps (some color) ; 27 cm
9780717201310, 0717201317
v. 1. A to Anjou
v. 2. Ankara to Azusa
v. 3. B to Birling
v. 4. Birmingham to Burlington
v. 5. Burma to Cathay
v. 6. Cathedrals to Civil War
v. 7. Civilization to Coronium
v. 8. Corot to Desdemona
v. 9. Desert to Egret
v. 10. Egypt to Falsetto
v. 11. Falstaff to Francke
v. 12. Franco to Goethals
v. 13. Goethe to Hearst
v. 14. Heart to India
v. 15. Indian to Jeffers
v. 16. Jefferson to Latin
v. 17. Latin America to Lytton
v. 18. M to Mexico City
v. 19. Meyer to Nauvoo
v. 20. Navajo to Opium
v. 21. Oporto to Photoengraving
v. 22. Photography to Pumpkin
v. 23. Pumps to Russell
v. 24. Russia to Skimmer
v. 25. Skin to Sumac
v. 26. Sumatra to Trampoline
v. 27. Trance to Venial Sin
v. 28. Venice to Wilmot, John
v. 29. Wilmot Proviso to Zygote
v. 30. Index
"First published in 1829."