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Handbook of detergents

Uri Tsoler
Beyond use in the consumer markets, detergents have applications that range from serving as additives in automotive lubricants and aiding in the cleanup and biodegradation of oil spills and other environmental contaminants to aiding paper and textile processing and formulating improved paints, inks, and colorants. Faced with many challenges and choices, formulators must choose the composition of detergents carefully. This text enables formulators to meet the demands of the increasing complexity of formulations, economic and sustainability constraints, and reducing the impact of detergents on the environment to which they will eventually be released.Featuring a full range of detergent formulations used today, this book guides formulation decisions to increase effectiveness and safety of detergents...provides a review of the processes and chemical techniques involved in producing various formulations...discusses consumer products as well as specialty areas, such as auto care, textile processing, and separation science...clarifies the conditions necessary for shipping and storage...and offers an overview of statistical mixture design in detergent formulation.
Print Book, English, 1999-2009
CRC ; Taylor & Francis [distributor], Boca Raton, Fla., London, 1999-2009
Surfactant science series, 82, 121, 123, 128, 141, 142
6 volumes
9781420091625, 9780824714178, 9780824703530, 9780824703516, 9780824703509, 9781574447576, 9780824703493, 142009162X, 0824714172, 0824703537, 0824703510, 0824703502, 1574447572, 0824703499
pt. A. Properties / edited by Guy Broze
pt. B. Environmental impact / edited by Uri Zoller
pt. C. Analysis / edited by Heinrich Waldhoff, Rudiger Spilker
pt. D. Formulation / edited by Michael S. Showell
pt. E. Applications / edited by Uri Zoller
pt. F. Production / edited by Uri Zoller, co-editor Paul Sosis