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Modern engineering practice: a reference library ..

Print Book, English, 1906
American School of Correspondence, Chicago, 1906
12 volumes frontispieces (volumes 1-5, 8: portraits) illustrations, plates, diagrams (some folded) 25 cm
I. Electricity; wiring; telegraph
II. Generators; motors; storage batteries; automobiles
III. Electricity; light; power; railways
IV. Alternating current work; transmission
V. Telephony
VI. Chemistry; heat; boilers; steam pumps
VII. Steam engines; refrigeration; gas engines
VIII. Marine and locomotive work
IX. Pattern making; founding; machine design
X. Machine shop; tool making; forging
XI. Mechanical drawing; perspective
XII. Vntilating; heating; plumbing; carpentry; index
Authorities consulted: v. 1, 5 p. preceding introduction