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Tracts for the times

Print Book, English, 1833-41
Printed for J.G.F. & Rivington, London, 1833-41
6 volumes (nos. 1-90)
v. 1. Tracts, no. 1-66. Records of the Church, no. 1-25. 2d ed
v. 2. Tract, no. 67
v. 3. Tracts, no. 71-79
Vol. 1 issued in monthly numbers; v. 2-4 issued in irregular numbers
Vols. l-2 contain Records of the church, no. I-XXV, called also Tracts of the times (unnumbered)
British Museum catalog lists 6 vol., 1833-4l, the 6th consisting of only no. 89-90