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Contingency cannibalism : superhardcore survivalism's dirty little secret

Let's cut the crap. In a life-or-death situation, practicing cannibalism is the ultimate test of a survivalist's will to live. This book is a twisted, tongue-in-cheek look at cannibalism as a last-resort survival option. Pulling no punches, it answers such pressing questions as: Does it taste like chicken? What will my friends and family say? Will I get a disease? What if I like it?Shiguro Takada analyzes real-life case studies of determined survivors who engaged in cannibalism to save their hides, including the Donner Party and the Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the Andes Mountains. He also dissects historical episodes of wide-scale cannibalism in such places as Scotland, China and Africa for vital lessons on how not to practice contingency cannibalism. Recipes included.
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Paladin Press, Boulder, Colo., ©1999
viii, 151 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9781581600254, 1581600259
Chapter 1 - Starvation: The Patient Killer
Chapter 2 - Why Shouldn't We Adopt Cannibalism as a Survivalist Option?
Chapter 3 - A Really Long Time Ago: Cannibalism is Natural
Chapter 4 - The Donner Party and Alfred E. Packer: Why It's Worth Doing
Chapter 5 - Maritime Common Law: Short Straws and Legal Issues
Chapter 6 - Mongols, Marines, and Other Truly Nasty Folks: Introducing the Warrior-Cannibals
Chapter 7 - Taco Stuffings: It Wasn't Just Cheese and Lettuce
Chapter 8 - Sawney Beane: How Not to Engage in Cannibalism
Chapter 9 - Africa: Myths, Mau Maus, and European Blunders
Chapter 10 - The Cultural Revolution: The Value of Pointing at the Other Guy
Chapter 11 - Cannibalskis: Hey, It's Cheaper Than Pork and Beef
Chapter 12 - Andes: Doin' It Right
Chapter 13 - Selecting and Butchering Your Grazers
Chapter 14 - Preparation
Chapter 15 - Why Study Cannibalism?
Glossary of Terms