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Late antiquity : art in context

"In this volume, twelve Scandinavian scholars deal with a wide range of issues involving the Late Antique World: an interdisciplinary approach to a society no less complex than our own."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2001
Museum Tusculanum Press, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 2001
Kongress Arhus 1997
285 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
9788772896397, 8772896396
Contents: Niels Hannestad: Introduction; Mikael B?gh Rasmussen: Traditio legis Motiv -- Bedeutung und Kontext; Jens Fleischer: Style as Bearer of Meaning. The Transition from Late Antique Mummy Portraits to Early Icons; Maria Fabricius Hansen: Meanings of Style. On the 'Interiorisation' of Late Antique Architecture; Birgitta Lindros Wohl: Constantine's Use of spolia; Olof Brandt: Il battistero lateranense dell'Imperatore Costantino e l'architettura contemporanea: Come si crea un'architettura battesimale cristiana?; Siri Sande: The Iconography and Style of the Rothschild Cameo; Gunilla Åkerström-Hougen: On the Threshold to a New World -- An Art Historical Discourse on Breaking away from Antiquity, circa AD 400- 500; Katalin Biró-Sey: Eine heidnische Münze des Julianus Apostata im Myntkabinett Oslo; Arja Karivieri: Mythological Subjects on Late Roman Lamps and the Persistence of Classical Tradition; John Lund: 'Christian Lamps': Motifs in Context; Leif Erik Vaag: The Stamped Decoration on Phocaean Red Slip Ware; Kirsti Gulowsen: The Cult of the Forty Martyrs on Forum Romanum; Miscellanea: Francesco Roncalli: Spazio reale e luogo simbolico: alcune soluzioni nell'arte funeraria etrusca. Book Reviews: Helmer Munch Andersen: Corinth and Coins: Review Article on the Economic Aspects of Donald Engels, Roman Corinth (1990); Helle Damgaard Andersen: Maria Bonghi Jovino and Cristina Chiaramonte Trerè (eds.): Targuinia (1997).
Eleven English, two German, two Italian contributions