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A sentimental journey through France and Italy

"This learned and hugely useable new Sentimental Journey provides a wealth of editorial materials that will add to the enjoyment and understanding of readers of all kinds. The approachable introduction is wisely informative not only on A Sentimental Journey but also on Sterne himself, the rise of the novel, travel literature, sensibility, genre, gender and the work's influence and afterlife. The explanatory footnotes are thorough and discreetly scholarly. The text is accompanied by an outstandingly rich and pertinent selection of contextualising contemporary documentation. Turner's edition of A Sentimental Journey will make Slerne's second novel many new friends." Marcus Walsh, University of Liverpool
Print Book, English, ©2010
Broadview Press, Peterborough, Ont., ©2010
Experimental fiction
263 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9781551118888, 1551118882
Laurence Sterne : a brief chronology
A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY THROUGH FRANCE AND ITALY Appendix A: Sensibility : philosophical sources
Appendix B: Sensibility in literature
Appendix C: Sensibility and social reform
Appendix D: Sterne's didacticism
Appendix E: Travel writing
Appendix F: Contemporary reviews and evaluations
Appendix G: Imitations of A sentimental journey
Appendix H: A sentimental journey anthologized and illustrated
Appendix I: Some later critiques