Front cover image for The (old) farmer's almanack

The (old) farmer's almanack

Journal, Magazine, English, [1848]-
Jenks, Palmer & Co., Yankee Publishing Incorporated, Boston, Dublin, NH, [1848]-
volumes : illustrations ; 19 cm
Full title varies: The (Old)--farmer's almanack, calculated on a new and improved plan ... calculated for the State of Maine, 18<49>- ; The (Old) farmer's almanack, calculated on a new and improved plan ... fitted for Boston, but will answer for all New England States
The Farmer's almanack (1793-1847) was founded and edited by Robert B. Thomas, whose name continues to appear after his death
Published: Portland [Maine] : Sanborn & Carter, 18<49-50>; Boston : Jenks, Hickling & Swan, <1854->; Boston : Hickling, Swan & Brewer, <1860->; Boston : William Ware, <1891-1906>; Boston : Little, Brown, <1938>-
Issued in 3 editions: classic edition (paperback), Collector's edition (hardcover, slightly larger pages and type), and Bookstore edition (more durable softcover, 32 extra pages, better paper), <2018->. There is also a Canadian edition. Regional southern and western editions were absorbed by the "national edition" in 2018