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The survivor's guide to theology

This introduction to theology provides students with an overview of theology. Its three sections bring together information that is usually scattered over many volumes. The first section looks at what theology is, while the second offers an overview of the many theological systems, past and present. The last part is a quick-reference theological fact-finder, providing definitions of theological terms and brief biographies of major theologians
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Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Mich., ©2006
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640 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780310211501, 0310211506
Who needs theology anyway?
The theologian's contradictory job description
How do we know? epistemology, history, and truth
Sources and authority in theology
Doctrinal taxonomy : are all Doctrines of equal importance
Hardening of the categories : why theologians have opposed "new knowledge"
The divisions of theological study
Roman Catholicism
Reformed theology (Calvinism)
Wesleyan-Arminian theology
Liberation theology
Biographical sketches of major theologians and philosophers
A brisf dictionary of theological and philosophical terms