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Library of useful knowledge. Natural philosophy

Print Book, English, 1829-38
Baldwin and Cradock, London, 1829-38
4 volumes illustrations, tables, diagrams 22 cm
1. I. Preliminary treatise: objects advantages, and pleasures of science [by Lord Brougham] II-IV. Mechanics [by D. Lardner] V. Hydrostatics [by Lord Brougham] VI. Hydraulics [by Millington] VII. Pneumatics [by D. Lardner] VIII Heat [by
Ogg] IX. Optics [by Sir D. Brewster] X. Double refraction and polarisation of light [by Sir D. Brewster]
II. 1. Popular introductions to natural philosophy [by Jane Marcet] II. Sir Issac Newton's optics [by D. Lardner] III. A description of optical instruments [by A. Pritchart] IV. The thermometer and pyrometer [by T.S. Traill] V-VIII. Electricity, galvanism, magnetism, electro-magnetism [by P.M. Roget]
III. 1. Astronomy [by Sir B.H. Malkin] II. History of astronomy [by R.W. Rothman] III. Mathematical geography [by E. Lloyd] IV. Physical geography [by H.J. Lloyd] V. Navigation [by Lord Wrottesley]
IV. 1. Chemistry [by J.F. Daniell] II. Botany [By J. Lindley] III. Animal physiology [by I.S. Smith] IV. Animal mechanics [by Sir C. Bell]
On t.p. of v. 4: Under the superintendence of the Society for the diffusion of useful knowledge