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Who belongs in America? Presidents, rhetoric, and immigration

Print Book, English, cop. 2006
Texas A & M University Press, College Station, cop. 2006
Case studies
1 v. (X-294 p.) : ill. ; 25 cm.
9781585445059, 1585445053
Introduction: Presidential rhetoric and immigration: balancing tensions between hope and fear / Vanessa B. Beasley
President of all the people / Michael Novak
The aliens are coming: John Adams and the federalist attack on the First Amendment / Craig R. Smith
Presidents and religious diversity in the nineteenth century / Charles J. Stewart
Chinese exclusion: causes and consequences, 1882-1943 / Roger Daniels
Hooking the Hyphen: Woodrow Wilson's war rhetoric and the Italian American community / Mary Anne Trasciatti
Immigration and the Red Scare / Robert H. Ferrell
Can the alien speak? The McCarran-Walter Act and the First Amendment / James A. Aune
Questions of race, caste, and citizenship: Héctor P. García, Lyndon B. Johnson, and the polemics of the Bracero Immigrant Labor Program / Michelle Hall Kells
Rhetorical ambivalence: Bush and Clinton address the crisis of Haitian refugees / Denise M. Bostdorff
The class politics of cultural pluralism: presidential campaigns and the Latino vote / Anne T. Demo
Afterword : A new hope or a recurring fear? / Vanessa B. Beasley