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Paths of light and darkness

The battle of Light and Darkness is not new. In fact, it extends far beyond recorded history, and even beyond this planet. Prophecy speaks of Armageddon and tells us there will be an end to this battle. We are on stage for what may be the final scene. But the choices we make will determine the outcome.Most importantly, we need to know what we are dealing with. We see good and evil in the news each day. But what is really acting behind the scenes? What is the battle all about? And what is the plan of the enemy?Paths of Light and Darkness reveals some of the key strategies in this battle. It is fought on many fronts. From the drug conspiracy to genetic engineering to extraterrestrials-the dots are all connected. Most importantly, the battle is fought in the hearts and minds of men. And therefore, it is something we will all face-sooner or later.For those who are ready, this volume in the landmark Climb the Highest Mountain series opens a new door. Here you can learn how to navigate through the paths of Light and Darkness that define the world of the twenty-first century. Find out why you are here. Find out why they are here. And most importantly, find out what you can do about it.
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