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Lunatic in my head

Eight-year-old Sophie Das has decided she is adopted. What other explanation can there be for the growing chasm between herself and her parents? And yet, she can't wait to meet the baby growing in her mother's belly. Aman Moondy is despairing about the Indian Administrative Service exams he is sitting for the second time. The only thing keeping this Pink Floyd obsessive sane is the 'Happening' he is planning and his love for the beautiful Concordella. Firdaus Ansari lectures in English Literature at the local university while struggling with her MPhil on Jane Austen. But how do you teach The Old Man and the Sea when you've never even seen the sea? For Sophie, Aman and Firdaus, real life begins elsewhere. But will they ever be able to leave the strangely comforting confines of Shillong? And what if elsewhere is not the solution to their restlessness
Print Book, English, 2010
Hunter Publishers, Melbourne, Vic., 2010