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De Quincey's writings

Print Book, English, [1851-1860]
[Ticknor, Reed, and Fields], [Boston], [1851-1860]
collected works
23 volumes portrait 18 cm
[v. 1] Confessions of an English opium-eater, and Suspiria de profundis. [Stereotyped ed.] 1853
[v. 2] Biographical essays. 1851
[v. 3] Miscellaneous essays. 1851
[v. 4] The Caesars. 1851
[v. 5-6] Literary reminiscences; from The autobiography of an English opium-eater. 1851
[v. 7-8] Narrative and miscellaneous papers. 1853
[v. 9] Essays on the poets, and other English writers. 1853
[v. 10-11] Historical and critical essays. 1853
[v. 12] Autobiographic sketches. 1859
[v. 13-14] Essays on philosophical writers and other men of letters. 1854-60. [v. 14 stereotyped]
[v. 15] Letters to a young man and other papers. 1854
[v. 16-17] Theological essays and other papers. 1854
[v. 18] The note book of an English opium-eater. 1855
[v. 19-20] Memorials, and other papers. [Stereotyped ed.] 1860
[v. 21] The avenger, a narrative; and other papers. [Stereotyped ed.] 1859
[v. 21] The logic of political economy, and other papers. [Electrotyped ed.] 1859
[v. 23] Life and manners; from The autobiography of an English opium-eater. 1851
Half-title. Each volume has special t.p., and those after 1854 have imprint: Boston, Ticknor and Fields
Set consisting mainly of volumes of the 1st American edition edited by J.T. Fields, with stereotyped volumes of later date inserted. Contains both "Life and manners" and the enlarged edition subsequently substituted for it under title, " Autobiographical sketches."