Front cover image for Contesting slavery : the politics of bondage and freedom in the new American nation

Contesting slavery : the politics of bondage and freedom in the new American nation

Recent scholarship on slavery and politics between 1776 and 1840 has wholly revised historians' understanding of the problem of slavery in American politics. Contesting Slavery builds on the best of that literature to reexamine the politics of slavery in revolutionary America and the early republic.
Print Book, English, 2011
University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, 2011
xvii, 313 pages : map ; 24 cm.
9780813931050, 9780813931173, 0813931053, 0813931177
Slavery, sectionalism, and politics in the early American republic / John Craig Hammond, Matthew Mason
Necessary but not sufficient: revolutionary ideology and antislavery action in the early republic / Matthew Mason
Early free-labor thought and the contest over slavery in the early Republic / Eva Sheppard Wolf
"Manifest signs of passion": the first federal congress, antislavery, and legacies of the Revolutionary War / Robert G. Parkinson
"Good communications corrects bad manners": the Banneker-Jefferson dialogue and the project of white uplift / Richard Newman
Caribbean slave revolts and the origins of the gag rule: a contest between abolitionism and democracy, 1797-1835 / Edward B. Rugemer
Founding a slaveholders' union, 1770-1797 / George William Van Cleve
"Uncontrollable necessity": the local politics, geopolitics, and sectional politics of slavery expansion / John Craig Hammond
Positive goods and necessary evils: commerce, security, and slavery in the lower south, 1787-1837 / Brian Schoen
Slave smugglers, slave catchers, and slave rebels: slavery and American state development, 1787-1842 / David F. Ericson
"Hurtful to the state": the political morality of Federalist antislavery / Rachel Hope Cleves
Slavery and the problem of democracy in Jeffersonian America / Padraig Riley
Neither infinite wretchedness nor positive good: Mathew Carey and Henry Clay on political economy and slavery during the long 1820s / Andrew Shankman
The decline of antislavery politics, 1815-1840 / Donald J. Ratcliffe
Conflict vs. racial consensus in the story of antislavery politics / James Oakes