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The tarnished golden door : civil rights issues in immigration

Print Book, English, 1980
United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1980
ix, 158 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
I. Discrimination in United States immigration laws : 1. Historical discrimination in the immigration laws : The early years ; The nativist movements ; Chinese exclusion ; Literacy tests and Asiatic barred zone ; The national origins quota system ; The Mexican "repatriation" campaign ; Erosion of certain discriminatory barriers ; The McCarran-Walter act of 1952 ; "Operation wetback" ; The 1965 amendments ; Restricting Mexican immigration ; Recent revisions of the immigrant quota system
2. Present discrimination in the immigration laws : Per-country limits ; Colonial quotas ; Present effects of the per-country limits and colonial quotas ; Findings and recommendations
II. The immigration process : 3. Service and adjudication functions of the immigration and naturalization service : INS employment profile ; Obtaining information from INS ; Access to applicant's files ; Processing backlogs ; Exercise of discretion by INS adjudicators ; Separation of service and enforcement functions ; Findings and recommendations
4. The department of state : The consular visa process ; Reviewablity of consular visa decisions ; Findings and recommendations
III. Employer sanctions : 5. Employer sanctions legislation : A positive response to the problem ; Foreign policy can be an important factor in dealing with the problem ; The proposed employer sanctions legislation ; National identity cards ; "Operation cooperation"
IV. The expulsion process : 6. Apprehensions by the immigration and naturalization service : Authority ; Area control operations : Area control operations as unreasonable seizures ; INS definitions of "reasonable suspicion" to search ; Search warrants used in area control operations ; Effects of area control operations ; Involvement of local police in enforcement of immigration laws
7. Rights of detainees after detention or apprehension : Deportation as a civil proceeding ; Right to counsel ; Right to bail ; Right to impartial hearing ; Administrative arrest warrants
V. Investigation of misconduct complaints : 8. Complaint investigation procedures of the immigration and naturalization service : Complaint resolution ; Public awareness of the complaint process ; Notification of complainants ; Investigative procedures ; Selection of investigators ; Compilation of complaint statistics
Cover title
"Written by Nicasio Dimas, Jr., Donald Chou, and Phyllis K. Fong"--Page v
"September 1980."
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