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New directions in judicial politics

This title seeks to demystify the courts, offering students the insights of empirical research to address questions that are of genuine interest to students. In addition to presenting a set of conclusions about the way in which courts operate, this book also provides students with a sense of the craft of political research
Print Book, English, 2012
Routledge, New York, 2012
xxii, 336 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm.
9780415893312, 9780415893329, 9780203805718, 0415893313, 0415893321, 0203805712
Selecting justice : strategy and uncertainty in choosing Supreme Court nominees / Christine L. Nemacheck
The role of public opinion in Supreme Court confirmations / Jonathan P. Kastellec, Jeffrey R. Lax, and Justin Phillips
Campaign contributions and judicial decisions in partisan and nonpartisan elections / Damon M. Cann, Chris W. Bonneau, and Brent D. Boyea
Race and death sentencing / Isaac Unah
Under-estimating and over-estimating litigation : how activist plaintiffs may advance their causes even as they lose their cases / William Haltom and Michael McCann
Patterns of policy making across state supreme courts / Scott A. Comparato, Scott D. McClurg, and Shane A. Gleason
Decision making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals : the determinants of reversal on appeal / Virginia A. Hettinger and Stefanie A. Lindquist
Supreme Court agenda setting : policy uncertainty and legal considerations / Ryan C. Black and Ryan J. Owens
The origin and development of stare decisis at the U.S. Supreme Court / Timothy R. Johnson, James F. Spriggs, II, and Paul J. Wahlbeck
Bargaining and opinion writing on the U.S. Supreme Court / Tom S. Clark
Goldilocks and the Supreme Court : understanding the relationship between the Supreme Court, the President, and the Congress / Michael A. Bailey and Forrest Maltzman
Interest groups and their influence on judicial policy / Paul M. Collins, Jr
Public opinion, religion, and constraints on judicial behavior / Kevin T. McGuire
Lower court compliance with precedent / Sara C. Benesh and Wendy L. Martinek
Why strict scrutiny requires transparency : the practical effects of Bakke, Gratz, and Grutter / Richard Sander