Front cover image for The moral dynamics of economic life : an extension and critique of Caritas in veritate

The moral dynamics of economic life : an extension and critique of Caritas in veritate

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Oxford University Press, New York, ©2012
xxii, 166 pages ; 21 cm
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The situation. Caritas in veritate in broader context / J. Bryan Hehir
Who are the Americans? / Amelia J. Uelman
Americans and government today / Rebecca M. Blank
Our current economic situation / Matthew J. Slaughter
Global economic forces / Albino Barrera
The theological grounding of Caritas in veritate. Situating Pope Benedict's theology / William F. Murphy
Developments in Pope Benedict's thinking / John A. Coleman
A theology of gratuitousness / Paulinus I. Odozor
Benedict's view of the person / Kenneth R. Himes
Challenges to Benedict's vision : sin / Michael Novak
Theological foundations of the market / Albino Barrera
The promise and risk of charity / David Hollenbach
Listening to the experience of the poor / Johan Verstraeten
Markets and government. The vitality of markets / Michael Novak
Benefits of markets / Albino Barrera
Government and juridical framework / J. Bryan Hehir
Market failure and the role of government ; Institutions and individual morality / Rebecca M. Blank
Globalization and global governance / J. Bryan Hehir
From government to governance / John A. Coleman
Reconceiving "relation". Theological foundations of human relation / Miguel H. Diaz
Resources for receptivity to a transcendent vocation / Amelia J. Uelman
Culture as the locus for economic relation / Mary L. Hirschfeld
Reciprocity in economic life. Reciprocity and fraternity / Stefano Zamagni
Reciprocity, trust, and social capital / Daniel K. Finn
The logic of gift and the world of business / Michael J. Naughton
Business. Leadership ethics and Caritas in veritate / Luk Bouckaert
The business enterprise / Michael J. Naughton
Development. How much of true development can be measured? / Mary Jo Bane
Expanding the economic paradigm of development / Mary L. Hirschfeld
International aid : charity is insufficient / Katherine Marshall
Development and institutional failures / Stefano Zamagni
Polarization. The problem of public polarization / John L. Allen
Resources for reducing polarization in government / Mary Jo Bane
Hope in polarization / Amelia J. Uelmen
Language and the orientation to dialogue. The need for accessible language / John A. Coleman
The ambiguities of accessible language / Mary L. Hirschfeld
Tensions between proclamation and dialogue / Luk Bouckaert
Dialogue in light of the signs of the times / Johan Verstraeten
Implications. New institutions and social processes / Mary Jo Bane
A better legal definition of what is reasonable / Amelia J. Uelman
Participation as key for a just economy / Johan Verstraeten
Reconceiving welfare policies / Stefano Zamagni
Shifting attention within the church / Mary Jo Bane
Developing resources for business and business schools / Michael J. Naughton
Improving business education / Matthew J. Slaughter
Conclusion : Caritas in veritate in the tradition of Catholic social thought / Peter Kodwo Turkson
Proceedings of a symposium held Oct. 15-16, 2010 in Rome, Italy