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This will make you smarter

This title includes contributions from Richard Dawkins, Stephen Pinker, Daniel Dennett and Brian Eno among many others. It offers ideas, strategies and arguments that will help all of us understand our world and its future
Print Book, English, 2012
Doubleday, London, 2012
xxx, 415 pages ; 25 cm
9780857521118, 9780857521026, 085752111X, 0857521020
Foreword / David Brooks
Preface / John Brockman
"Deep Time" and the Far Future / Martin Rees
We Are Unique / Marcelo Gleiser
The Mediocrity Principle / P.Z. Myers
The Pointless Universe / Sean Carroll
The Copernican Principle / Samuel Arbesman
We Are Not Alone in the Universe / J. Craig Venter
Microbes Run the World / Stewart Brand
The Double-Blind Control Experiment / Richard Dawkins
Promoting a Scientific Lifestyle / Max Tegmark
Experimentation / Roger Schank
The Controlled Experiment / Timo Hannay
Gedankenexperiment / Gino Segre
The Pessimistic Meta-Induction from the History of Science / Kathryn Schulz
Each of Us Is Ordinary, Yet One of a Kind / Samuel Barondes
Nexus Causality, Moral Warfare, and Misattribution Arbitrage / John Tooby
Self-Serving Bias / David G. Myers
Cognitive Humility / Gary Marcus
Technologies Have Biases / Douglas Rushkoff
Bias Is the Nose for the Story / Gerald Smallberg
Control Your Spotlight / Jonah Lehrer
The Focusing Illusion / Daniel Kahneman
The Uselessness of Certainty / Carlo Rovelli
Uncertainty / Lawrence Krauss
A Sense of Proportion About Fear of the Unknown / Aubrey De Grey
Because / Nigel Goldenfeld
The Name Game / Stuart Firestein
Living Is Fatal / Seth Lloyd
Uncalculated Risk / Garrett Lisi
Truth Is a Model / Neil Gershenfeld
E Pluribus Unum / Jon Kleinberg
A Proxemics of Urban Sexuality / Stefano Boeri
Failure Liberates Success / Kevin Kelly
Holism / Nicholas A. Christakis
Tanstaafl / Robert R. Provine
Skeptical Empiricism / Gerald Holton
Open Systems / Thomas A. Bass
Non-Inherent Inheritance / George Church
Shifting Baseline Syndrome / Paul Kedrosky
Perma / Martin Seligman
Positive-Sum Games / Steven Pinker
The Snuggle for Existence / Roger Highfield
The Law of Comparative Advantage / Dylan Evans
Structured Serendipity / Jason Zweig
The World Is Unpredictable / Rudy Rucker
Randomness / Charles Seife
The Kaleidoscopic Discovery Engine / Clifford Pickover
Inference to the Best Explanation / Rebecca Newberger Goldstein
Pragmamorphism / Emanuel Derman
Cognitive Load / Nicholas Carr
To Curate / Hans Ulrich Obrist
"Graceful" SHAs / Richard Nisbett
Externalities / Rob Kurzban
Everything Is in Motion / James O'Donnell
Subselves and the Modular Mind / Douglas T. Kenrick
Predictive Coding / Andy Clark
Our Sensory Desktop / Donald Hoffman
The Senses and the Multisensory / Barry C. Smith
The Umwelt / David Eagleman
The Rational Unconscious / Alison Gopnik
We Are Blind to Much That Shapes Our Mental Life / Adam Alter
An Instinct to Learn / W. Tecumseh Fitch
Think Bottom Up, Not Top Down / Michael Shermer
Fixed-Action Patterns / Irene Pepperberg
Powers of 10 / Terrence Sejnowski
Life Code / Juan Enriquez
Constraint Satisfaction / Stephen M. Kosslyn
Cycles / Daniel C. Dennett
Keystone Consumers / Jennifer Jacquet
Cumulative Error / Jaron Lanier
Cultural Attractors / Dan Sperber
Scale Analysis / Giulio Boccaletti
Hidden Layers / Frank Wilczek
"Science" / Lisa Randall
The Expanding In-Group / Marcel Kinsbourne
Contingent Superorganisms / Jonathan Haidt
The Pareto Principle / Clay Shirky
Find That Frame / William Calvin
Wicked Problems / Jay Rosen
Anthropocene Thinking / Daniel Goleman
Homo dilatus / Alun Anderson
We Are Lost in Thought / Sam Harris
The Phenomenally Transparent Self-Model / Thomas Metzinger
Correlation Is Not a Cause / Sue Blackmore
Information Flow / David Dalrymple
Thinking in Time Versus Thinking Outside of Time / Lee Smolin
Negative Capability Is a Profound Therapy / Richard Foreman
Depth / Tor Nørretranders
Temperament Dimensions / Helen Fisher
The Personality/Insanity Continuum / Geoffrey Miller
Arise / Joel Gold
Systemic Equilibrium / Matthew Ritchie
Projective Thinking / Linda Stone
Anomalies and Paradigms / V.S. Ramachandran
Recursive Structure / David Gelernter
Designing Your Mind / Don Tapscott
Free Jazz / Andrian Kreye
Collective Intelligence / Matt Ridley
Risk Literacy / Gerd Gigerenzer
Science Versus Theater / Ross Anderson
The Base Rate / Keith Devlin
Findex / Marti Hearst
An Assertion Is Often an Empirical Question, Settled by Collecting Evidence / Susan Fiske
Scientists Should Be Scientists / Gregory Paul
Bricoleur / James Croak
Science's Methods Aren't Just for Science / Mark Henderson
The Game of Life
and Looking for Generators / Nick Bostrom
Anecdotalism / Robert Sapolsky
You Can Show That Something Is Definitely Dangerous but Not That It's Definitely Safe / Tom Standage
Absence and Evidence / Christine Finn
Path Dependence / John McWhorter
Interbeing / Scott D. Sampson
The Other / Dimitar Sasselov
Ecology / Brian Eno
Dualities / Stephon H. Alexander
Dualities / Amanda Gefter
The Paradox / Anthony Aguirre
Hunting for Root Cause: The Human "Black Box" / Eric Topol
Personal Data Mining / David Rowan
Parallelism in Art and Commerce / Satyajit Das
Innovation / Laurence C. Smith
The Gibbs Landscape / Kevin Hand
Black Swan Technologies / Vinod Khosla
Kakonomics / Gloria Origgi
Kayfabe / Eric Weinstein
Einstein's Blade in Ockham's Razor / Kai Krause
Heat-Seeking Missiles / Dave Winer
Entanglement / Marco Iacoboni
Technology Paved the Way for Humanity / Timothy Taylor
Time Span of Discretion / Paul Saffo
Defeasibility / Tania Lombrozo
Aether / Richard Thaler
Knowledge as a Hypothesis / Mark Pagel
The Einstellung Effect / Evgeny Morozov
Homo sensus sapiens: The Animal That Feels and Reasons / Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran
Understanding Confabulation / Fiery Cushman
Sexual Selection / David M. Buss
QED Moments / Bart Kosko
Objects of Understanding and Communication / Richard Saul Wurman
Life as a Side Effect / Carl Zimmer
The Veeck Effect / Gregory Cochran
Supervenience! / Joshua Greene
The Culture Cycle / Hazel Rose Markus / Alana Conner
Phase Transitions and Scale Transitions / Victoria Stodden
Replicability / Brian Knutson
Ambient Memory and the Myth of Neutral Observation / Xeni Jardin
A Statistically Significant Difference in Understanding the Scientific Process / Diane F. Halpern
The Dece(i)bo Effect / Beatrice Golomb
Anthropophilia / Andrew Revkin
A Solution for Collapsed Thinking: Signal Detection Theory / Mahzarin R. Banaji
Everyday Apophenia / David Pizarro
A Cognitive Toolkit Full of Garbage / Ernst Poppel