Front cover image for The works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D

The works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D

Print Book, English, 1825
Printed for W. Pickering, London; and Talboys and Wheeler, Oxford, Oxford, 1825
11 volumes frontispiece (volumes 3: portrait) 22 cm.
V. 1. Essay on the life and genius of Dr. Johnson [by Arthur Murphy] Poems, and tales
v. 2-3. The Rambler
v. 4. The Adventurer and Idler
v. 5. Miscellaneous pieces
v. 6. Reviews, political tracts, and Lives of eminent persons
v. 7-8. Lives of the poets
v. 9. Journey to the Hebrides. Tales of the imagination. Prayers and sermons
v. 10-11. Parliamentary debates
Vols. 6-7 and 10-11 have imprint: London, Published by W. Pickering and Talboys and Wheeler, Oxford
Edited by F.P. Walesby. cf. W.P. Courtney's Bibliography of Samuel Johnson