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[Christian pamphlets. Vol. 8]

Print Book, English, [1880-1868]
[publisher not identified], [United States], [1880-1868]
1 volume : illustrations ; 23 cm
The voice of the Bible verdict of reason / H.M. Dexter
Good works, Discourse II / [E.H. Chapin]
The apostolic ministry, Sermon V / Chauncey Richardson
The province of the pulpit to elevate the world in the standard of the Bible / E.A. Huntington
The millennial harbinger, 4th series, v. IV, no. II, February 1854
Secret societies / J. Blanchard
Second annual report of the New York Young Men's Christian Association
The dignity and moral uses of labor / Wm. G. Eliot
The American conflict / John Cordner. Our country and its cause / Samuel T. Spear
The western pulpit, February [and] April 1866
The Christian world, v. XVIII, no. 7, July 1867
Growth of the kingdom of God, annual discourse
Annual discourse / E.B. Webb
Educated labor, or, Our duty in regard to the Americo-African race / Rev. Dr. Kirk. The American national preacher, v. XXIX, no. 4, April 1855, v. XXX, nos. 4, April 1856, 9, Sept. 1856, 6, June 1856, v. XXXI, no. 6, June 1857, v. XXXII, no. 7, July 1857
The national preacher and village pulpit, v. I, new series, no. II, February 1858. v. III, nos. 2, February 1860, 3, March 1860, 8, August 1863, v. XXXVIII, February-March 1864, June 1864, no. 7, July 1864, no. 8, August 1864, v. XXXIX, no. 1, January 1865