Front cover image for Developing the physical education curriculum : an achievement-based approach

Developing the physical education curriculum : an achievement-based approach

Luke E. Kelly (Author), Vincent Melograno (Author)
Print Book, English, 2015
Waveland Press, Inc., Long Grove, Illinois, 2015
xi, 363 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
9781478627043, 1478627042
Foundation of curriculum development. The nature of curriculum ; Contemporary contexts ; Philosophical perspectives
Physical education mandates and standards. Education mandates ; Standards-based movement
Physical education curriculum models ; Movement education ; Fitness education ; Developmental education ; Activity-based education ; Humanistic and social development ; Sport education ; Wilderness sports and adventure education ; Conceptually-based education ; Personally meaningful education ; Eclectic ; Achievement-based curriculum
The achievement-based physical education curriculum. Program planning ; Assessing ; Implementation planning ; Teaching ; Evaluation
Establishing the philosophy, goals, objectives, and polices. Overall school curriculum ; Curriculum models ; Step 1. Developing the program philosophy ; Step 2. Defining program goals ; Consensus-building technique ; Step 3. Policies and resources
Program planning. Step 4. Delineating objectives for each goal ; Step 5. Establishing program goal emphasis ; Step 6. Calculating available instructional time ; Step 7. Calculating average objective mastery times ; Step 8. Calculating how much content can be included in the curriculum ; Step 9. Sequencing the content across the curriculum from the bottom up developmentally ; Step 10. Developing teaching learning maps (TLMs) ; Step 11. Creating a functional ABC guide
Developing functional assessments. Assessment process ; Selecting or developing assessment instruments for the curriculum objectives
Maximizing learning and effective teaching. Maximizing learning ; Effective teaching
Learning experiences. Definition and structure ; Criteria for selection ; Individualization pattern ; Interaction pattern ; Accommodating special students
Planning for Learning and teaching. Teaching templates ; Student learning formats
Student evaluation and grading. Assessment and evaluation ; Student evaluation reports ; Creating a student evaluation report ; Grading students ; Creating database applications
Program evaluation. Data-based decision making ; Data-based program evaluation
Professionalism. Individual professional responsibilities ; Collective professional responsibilities ; Self-reflection
Appendix A. Program planning case study
Appendix B. Program planning worksheets