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The works of President Edwards in eight volumes ..

Jonathan Edwards (Author), Samuel Austin (Editor), Isaiah Thomas (Publisher), Isaac Sturtevant (Printer)
Print Book, English, 1808-1809
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By Isaiah Thomas, Jun. Isaac Sturtevant, printer, Published at Worcester, 1808-1809
Early works
8 volumes, 1 unnumbered leaf of plates : frontispiece (portrait) ; 20 cm
I. Memoirs of the late Rev. Jonathan Edwards. Farewell sermon. Result of a council at Northampton. Humble inquiry concerning the qualifications for membership in the visible Christian church. Reply to Williams
II. Work of redemption. Dissertation on the nature of virtue. Observations concerning the mysteries of Scripture
III. A narrative of many surprising conversions. Thoughts on the revival of religion in New England. An humble attempt to promote explicit agreement in prayer. Life of Rev. D. Brainerd and reflections upon it
IV. A treatise concerning religious affections. Observations concerning faith. Reasons against Dr. Watts's notion of the preexistence of Christ's human soul
V. Inquiry into the modern prevailing notions of freedom of will. Miscellaneous observations concerning the divine decrees in general and election in particular. Concerning efficacious grace. Continued
VI. Dissertation concerning the end for which God created the world. Doctrine of original sin defended. Observations upon particular passages of Scripture. Theological questions
VII. Fifteen sermons on various important subjects, doctrinal and practical
VIII. A continuation of sermons on various and important subjects
Preface signed: Samuel Austin