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The Roman revolution

Print Book, English, 2013
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[Important Books], [Place of publication not identified], 2013
524 pages ; 23 cm
9788087888582, 8087888588
I. Introduction: Augustus and History
II. The Roman Oligarchy
III. The Domination of Pompeius
IV. Caesar the Dictator
V. The Caesarian Party
VI. Caesar's New Senators
VII. The Consul Antonius
VIII. Caesar's Heir
IX. The First March on Rome
X. The Senior Statesman
XI. Political Catchwords
XII. The Senate Against Antonius
XIII. The Second March on Rome
XIV. The Proscriptions
XV. Philippi and Perusia
XVI. The Predominance of Antonius
XVII. The Rise of Octavianus
XVIII. Rome Under the Triumvirs
XIX. Antonius in the East
XX. Tota Italia
XXI. Dux
XXII. Princeps
XXIII. Crisis in Party and State
XXIV. The Party of Augustus
XXV. The Working of Patronage
XXVI. The Government
XXVII. The Cabinet
XXVIII. The Succession
XXIX. The National Programme
XXX. The Organization of Opinion
XXXI. The Opposition
XXXII. The Doom of the Nobiles
XXXIII. Pax Et Princeps
App. The Consuls