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Evolutionary computation with biogeography-based optimization

Haiping Ma (Author), Dan Simon (Author)
Evolutionary computation algorithms are employed to minimize functions with large number of variables. Biogeographybased optimization (BBO) is an optimization algorithm that is based on the science of biogeography, which researches the migration patterns of species. These migration paradigms provide the main logic behind BBO. Due to the crossdisciplinary nature of the optimization problems, there is a need to develop multiple approaches to tackle them and to study the theoretical reasoning behind their performance. This book explains the mathematical model of BBO algorithm and its variants created to cope with continuous domain problems (with and without constraints) and combinatorial problems
eBook, English, 2017
ISTE, Ltd. ; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., London, UK, Hoboken, NJ, 2017
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9781119136507, 9781119136514, 9781119136545, 1119136504, 1119136512, 1119136547
The Science of Biogeography
Biogeography and Biological Optimization
A Basic BBO Algorithm
BBO Extensions
BBO as a Markov Process
Dynamic System Models of BBO
Statistical Mechanics Approximations of BBO
BBO for Combinatorial Optimization
Constrained BBO
BBO in Noisy Environments
Multi-objective BBO
Hybrid BBO Algorithms
Appendices. Unconstrained Benchmark Functions
Constrained Benchmark Functions
Multi-objective Benchmark Functions