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Acts of citizenship

Examines theories of how citizenship is mediated between lived experiences and formal entitlements in order to map out, confine, extend, name, and enact the boundaries of belonging to a polity. This book assembles deep traditions in social and political thought to provide a examination of acts of citizenship in this useful way.
eBook, English, 2013
Zed Books, London, 2013
1 online resource (320 pages)
9781848135987, 184813598X
Politics, ethics, aesthetics
Theorizing acts of citizenship / Engin F. Isin
Can an act of citizenship be creative? / Melanie White
What Levinas can and cannot teach us about mediating acts of citizenship / Bettina Bergo
Acts I : Heroic intrusions and the body of law
Act 1 : Abraham's sacrifice / Charles Wells
Act 2 : Antigone's offering / Charles Wells
Act 3 : Socrates's death / Bora Ali Isyar
Act 4 : Euthanasia / Bora Ali Isyar
Act 5 : Pat Tillman: soldier-citizen-hero? / Darryl Burgwin
Citizens, strangers, aliens, outcasts
Citizenship without acts? With Tocqueville in America / Brian C.J. Singer
Acts of piety : the political and the religious or a tale of two cities / Bryan S. Turner
Arendt's citizenship and citizen participation in disappearing Dublin / Kieran Bonner
No one is illegal between city and nation / Peter Nyers
Acts of demonstration : mapping the territory of (non- ) citizenship / William Walters
Acts II : Exclusions without names
Act 6 : Promising to become European / Erkan Ercel
Act 7 : Checkpoint gazes / Irus Braverman
Act 8 : The Romani / Ebru Üstündag
Act 9 : Return to Guatemala / Karine Côté-Boucher
Act 10 : Unintentional acts of citizenship (the joke) / Ian Morrison
Sites and scales of answerability
Citizenship, art and the voices of the city: Wodiczko's the homeless projection / Fred Evans
Acts of Chinese citizenship : the tank man and democracy-to-come / Yon Hsu
Answerability with cosmopolitan intent : an ethics based politics for acts of urban citizenship / Greg M. Nielsen
Acts III : Rituals and performance
Act 11 : Acts of commemoration / Ian Morrison
Act 12 : Non-citizens' politics / John Saunders
Act 13 : flash mobs / John Saunders
Act 14 : Spike Lee's 25th hour / Erkan Ercel